Moodswing Gammal

Address: Moodswing, Bergsundsgatan 21, 117 37 Stockholm, Sweden

We support stories, brands and messages with music. Here is an offer.
Joana Brazil is a Moodswing production. Sweet Bossanova.
 Simon Kaijser directed this film for The Svenska Downföreningen.
Swedish ”60 minutes” choose our music to brand their vignette.
Music for Playa del Sol for Swedish channel 5. Straight up comedy.
Delivering Music and Advice as Music Supervisor on the American horror movie.”Trick”. Directed by the talented Patrick Lussier.
Making brands sound right. Scandic is one of our clients who choose us to produce their music profile for their more than 280 hotels in Scandinavia, distributing it thru our streaming services.
Jean-Paul Wall Founder and CEO of Moodswing. Composer and Entrepreneur in music and media.